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In your town, you can be the Bookie

What is Be-A-Bookie?

B-A-B is all you need to become a Bookmaker. It is an electronic point of sale computer system. You can download it onto an ordinary PC. The system is flexible and will serve all your needs. Be-A-Bookie will provide you with a wide range of sporting events which you can present to your customers in various forms. The system will settle all bets for you and give you up to the minute reports on the bets taken and liabilities involved.

This system offers bets 24/7 the whole year round so wherever you are in the world you are kept up date with the latest events, odds and results.

Who is the Be-A-Bookie system aimed at?

- At you, whether you are a beginner, a small family business or a country-wide operation.   If you are an existing bookmaker, Be-A-Bookie will give you the latest odds, and expand your product range.  You can offer over 500 football games a week and plenty more. This automated system will also allow you to cut operating costs and improve your profit. Be-A-Bookie offer a low entry price and a negotiated split in the profits made or, if you prefer, a fixed fee structure – and you keep all profit.

The following are the kind of businesses that have made a good fit with Be-A-Bookie:

  • Currency Exchange Offices – Regular customers changing money;
  • Newsagents - Do your customers buy sports magazines and papers?
  • Bars – Preferably sports shown on screens;
  • Casino/Slots/Arcades;
  • Petrol stations – Regular passing trade with retail centres;
  • Internet cafes – Keeping the customers online longer;
  • Individuals with access to potential customers, at work or in the community.
  • Remember you must have proof that customers are over 18 in all instances.

Requirements to open a Be-A-Bookie shop

  • Dedicated e-mail per Be-A-Bookie shop account;
  • Broad Band;
  • PC Windows 2000 or above;
  • Printer set to A5 paper preferably or A4 (the receipt will fit on shop receipt size);
  • ID request to ensure 18+ only;

Online Sports Betting

You will be provided with a contract which defines your relationship with Be-A-Bookie Ltd. Within this you will have a choice of commission, profit share or subscription service.With a commission account you are paid a fee for sending bets through the system and you take no betting risk. This is a good way to find out how the system works and to learn about the business.

With a profit share account we split the profit 50/50 (or some other negotiated level) this allows you to benefit from being a bookmaker while sharing the risk.

Finally we have subscription accounts where you pay a fixed monthly fee to Be-A-Bookie Ltd for the use our software and information, allowing you to take 100% of the betting risk and keep all the profit.

You can change your contract from one type to another (at a months notice). We expect newcomers to the industry to start with a commission account, then proceed to a profit share and eventually a subscription  account.

There is money to be made at every level. Established bookmakers may prefer to go straight to the subscription level.For more information on contract levels contact us on +44 207 837 1860 or e-mail us at